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Length o.a. 117ft
Beam o.a. 32 ft
Displacement (unladen) 135 tons
(laden) 286 tons
Speed 8 knts
Complement 1 officer 12 enlisted men
Armament 2x 20mm Oerlikon (single)
Power 3 x Gray Marine 225 hp diesels with triple screws

Taken from Wkipedia

The LCT Mk 5 was built in America based in part on a Thorneycroft design sketched out by the Admiralty. With modifications to better suit the Bureau of the Navy the British concept of a ‘tank lander’ became the Landing Craft Tank Mk 5. Production was started in a number of yards across the States by local companies – often with no ship building experience but working to common plans.
These companies includedthe
  • Manitowoc S&B yard in Manitowoc, Wisconsin (57),
  • Kansas City Structural Steel Co. (15),
  • the Darby Prod. of Steel Plate Corp., (13) in Kansas City
  • and the Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Co., Leavenworth, Kansas (13),
  • Quincy Barge Builders in Quincy Illinois, (60),
  • Decatur Iron & Steel Co. (29),
  • Bison Shipbuilding Co. Buffalo, NY (31),
  • NY Shipbuilding Corp., Camden, New Jersey (101).
  • Mount Vernon Bridge Co., Mount Vernon Ohio (36),
  • Omaha Steel Works, Omaha, Nebraska (16),
  • Pidgeon-Thomas iron Co., Memphis Tennessee (24)

    Typically a keel would be laid down every 3 or 4 days and completed in 35 days. The design was built in sections which were then assembled in the various yards.

Assembling two sections of an LCT – aft section – crews quarters, and engine room are on the left of the picture.

Five LCTs at the New York Shipping Company

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